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American Christian Alliance

Issues Of Concern

What We Believe
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What We Support

Evangelism and sharing the Gospel with all who will hear it.

Patriotism, freedom and liberty.

A strong evangelistic tract ministry.

Assisting others in learning to share and defend the gospel through apologetics and evangelism.

Study and education of bible prophecy.

A strong American military.

Protection of the lives of those unable to make their desires known.

Returning prayer and the Ten Commandments to our schools and other public buildings.

Teaching creation and abstinence in schools.

School choice and a voucher system for private schools.

Speaking out for biblical truth and moral justice.

Public activism, education and awareness campaigns that will mobilize Christians to stand up and speak out for traditional American and Christian values.

Returning to the Christian and American traditions and values that made the United States of America great.

Encouraging biblical based solutions to contemporary social issues such as crime, divorce, drug abuse, etc.

Strengthening families, marriages and pro-family values movements with biblical solutions.

A constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Chaplain crisis counseling.

Child safety education.

Protecting the religious liberties of Americans.

Parental authority to discipline their children.

Victims rights.

Praying for and supporting members of the military, veterans and their families.

Mentoring and ministering to youth in all geographic areas.

What We Oppose

Attacks on our Christian beliefs including secular humanism, atheism and the homosexual agenda.

Anti-American, Anti-Christian groups such as the ACLU, People for the American Way, etc.

Public funding for Planned Parenthood.

Teaching the theory of evolution in schools.

Same sex unions and special rights for homosexuals.

Dispensing birth control in schools.

Intrusive ‘big" government.

Cults and satanic organizations.

Unreasonable government involvement in business.

Persecution of Christians throughout the world.

Erosion of our Christian traditions. For example; When did "Merry Christmas" become "Happy Holidays"? When did "Easter Break" become "Spring Break"? What’s next? Removing "In God we trust" from our currency? The banning of the song "God Bless America"?


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