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American Christian Alliance

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Welcome to our website!


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Thank you for visiting the American Christian Alliance website. The purpose of this ministry is twofold;

  1. To be active the Great Commission by sharing that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Son of God. Through His shed blood, all who believe in Him shall have their sins forgiven and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
  2. To stand up and speak out for the traditional American Christian values that this great country was founded on and that are under attack.

Please visit our entire website and contact us with any questions.

                                 NEW- BUMPER STICKERS

We can now custom make high quality bumper stickers in small quantities with Christian and patriotic messages. The cost for each bumper sticker is a $6.00 donation (see Support/Contact page). Shipping is free. You choose the text and message. Stand up for what you believe in! Please contact us by email for details.


God Bless America, Jesus is the only way, Support our Troops, Abortion- big people killing little people, Who would Bin Laden vote for?, 1 Cross + 3 nails = 4 given, I answer to Jesus!, ACLU- No good for America, Where are you going when you die?, My God is alive, Heading in the wrong direction? God allows U turns, Fight the terrorists there, What Did Jesus Do?, Sometimes war is the answer, In case of rapture- this car will be unmanned, (YOUR MESSAGE HERE).

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